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KNX Temperature sensor (Hardware by Matthias Freudenreich)

(photo by Matthias Freudenreich) The hardware part has been prototyped by Matthias¬†( and is based on Arduino open-hardware . This project is part of a more anbitious plan : fully equip his house with home-made KNX devices (nice idea :-))!¬† … Continue reading

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Knx Device Library version 0.2 is available !

The versions 0.1 and 0.2 bring the support of usual datapoint types (DPT) : in addition to short type DPTs (i.e. the DPTs which format goes from 1 bit to 1 byte max), you can now play with U16/V16/U32/V32 and … Continue reading

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Logical module device for accurate darkness information

If you have several presence sensors in your KNX installation,¬† you can use them all to get a really accurate “Is is dark in my home?” information. This can be used for instance to switch off/on the orientation LEDs of … Continue reading

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Prototype of Basic Push Button device

To build our basic KNX push button device, we simply use a push button and a resistor that we connect to the Arduino with a breadboard : Fritzing view : The push button is connected to digital pin 2 so … Continue reading

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